Clarisse Meyer The Mobius Arch Loop Trailhead, United States


To live is to evolve. Although we sense that this statement is true, we resist change. From our conception we are programmed to preserve what is known because it is what has allowed us to survive until now.

So when the context forces us or we intend to change something in our attitude, our habits or our environment, our whole system starts struggling to stay exactly where we are.

But change can be a lot easier and more fun than a war against the gods of fate. If you do not know the methodologies that I use, I suggest you try a session with me:

  • Narrative coaching 

    We will explore the situation, your goals and the road ahead with tools from story and theater.
    We will play with the elements until you find a version that moves you to take action.

  • Kaizen: actions that inspire change

    The Kaizen method originally comes from the industrial continuous improvement system. I learned about it fifteen years ago and was hooked from day one. Realising immediately that its concepts could be applied to personal transformation processes, I created my own method that ignites change "without anybody even noticing".