Communication is about connecting the dots (ideas, concepts) until they make sense. It is about creating consistency (above all, where previously there was only confusion) and sharing it. It is about weighing your actions as well as your messages to "say what you do and do what you say" and getting others to talk about you, thus improving your reputation. It is about putting into words what previously existed only in the mind. It is about knowing how to relate to the media and carry out interviews to reflect what you intended.

Communication for a 21st century leader goes beyond bringing clarity. Today's audiences expect nearness, emotion and connection.

I coach leaders to become better communicators.

  • Storytelling Training

    • "The 6 Stories you need to know how to tell": Find and shape stories for meetings, presentations and crisis situations.
    • "The Story of Self, Us and Now": Strategic Storytelling.
    • Storytelling in action: how to connect with any audience, anytime.  
    • Walk the Talk: How to trigger storytelling in others.
  • Communication for leaders

    • Persuasive conferences: from brainstorm to ovation. 
    • Pitching to win. 
    • Spokesperson and interview training.
    • Mastering verbal, non verbal and para verbal communication.
    • The keys to emotional intelligence.
    • The art of negotiation.