I believe that words create worlds.
I believe that each of us creates our own version of reality.
I believe that our troubles and opportunities lie in our version of reality, not in reality itself.
I believe we need to shape the world around us in order for it to make sense to us.
I believe we need art to do so, for reason is linear and thus, limited in its capacity to create.
I believe reality is not solid, it is malleable. Its colours depend on our emotional state and the glasses we are wearing at a given time.
I believe that most of the world’s problems, if not all, exist because of the stories we tell ourselves and others. So do the miracles.
I believe that changing one word, one little detail in a story can shift its entire meaning.
I believe that one single image, poem or song can change a person’s life.
I believe in serendipity.
I believe in synchronicity.
I believe in causality. I also believe that cause and effect form a non-linear system.
I believe that you’re ok and I’m ok.
I believe in the magic of encounters.
I believe that if two people share a story from the bottom of their hearts, they can never be enemies.
I believe we have lived in a world of fierce competition for too long, and that it is time we’d start comparing ourselves with ourselves alone to become the best version of who we are.
I believe the time has come to welcome the Age of Empathy.
I believe crisis are a gift from our souls.
I believe crisis are an invitation for growth and evolution.
I believe crisis itches like and old snake’s skin. The itching is a sign for us to start rubbing off what we no longer need.
I believe we have lived in the era of knowledge long enough to know that knowledge is the opposite of wisdom.
I believe there is no such thing as truth or lie, except for what we are ready to define as such.
I believe that everything depends; no thing, no person is good or bad, or yellow, or sweet.
I believe that everything depends on perspective and point of view.
I believe we are trying to head towards our future while looking back at what we are leaving behind.
(I also believe it is quite hard to walk forward with your face turned in the opposite direction).
I believe we are trying to build the future with tools from the past.
I believe we are redecorating a house that is falling apart.
I believe we crave to reconnect to the tribe.
I believe in a tribe where each person occupies their rightful place.
I believe in the force of collaboration, cooperation and co-creation.
I believe that in order for the tribe to be healthy and happy, each of its members needs to be (healthy and happy).
I believe art is food for the soul.
I believe art is the natural language of the soul.
I believe in the power of games, and play.
I believe the entertainment industry has left us no space for true joy.
I believe it is time to start listening to our gut feelings.
I believe that the most important things in life are not measurable. Nor do they need to be.
I believe that some things are best defined in poetry, or song.
I believe we are all human. (Actually, I believe we are all martians on vacation).
I believe that our world needs new and better stories.
I believe a story can change a life.
I believe.