Eva Snijders Communication and change

Communicating for change

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The role of communication professionals in the organisational change process 1.– Communication and change, a conventional point of view Note: This text first appeared at GENETIKOMM. Communication and change have been historically linked to each other. PR and Communication professionals are very much used to creating narratives and strategies that intend to introduce new products, […]

Summary of the Storytelling panel at WCF Davos

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On March 9, Katja Schleicher, Kirk Cheyfitz, Shawn Callahan and myself were invited to a debate on Storytelling at the World Communication Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The panel was brilliantly moderated by Guntram Kaiser, CEO of KaiserCommunication. It was designed as an interactive debate with the audience. This post is a summary of what was asked, and what […]

Where Stories Live (and How to Meet Them)

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Last Wednesday I was invited by ICF, Spain Chapter, to talk about Storytelling for Coaches. One of the attendees asked me a surprising question (surprising to me, of course, since the underlying thought had never crossed my mind). She asked me how I could not judge a client’s story. In order to explore her view […]

Fatima the Spinner and the Tent

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Today I felt like sharing this story as a little thank you to all the candidates at DBM who have trusted me with their career projects over the past years. It is a story I cherish for it embodies how I feel about our professional lives. Contrary to popular belief, I think that only few […]

White Birds, Black Birds

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A Teaching story from Tierno Bokar “In relation to one another,” he said, “humans are comparable to walls located facing one another. Each wall is pierced by a multitude of small holes where white birds and black birds are nested. The black birds are bad thoughts and bad words. The white birds are good thoughts […]